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Nashville rang in 2017 the best way possible– safe and sound.

Erie Insurance, Nashville artists LOCASH and Lyft teamed up to help Nashvillians get home safely with a free (up to $10) Lyft ride home. While the party’s over for 2016, you can still join in on the fun. Watch this video of LOCASH surprising Lyft riders with a singalong to their single, “Ring on Every Finger.”

Who’s that hilarious Lyft driver in the blue sweater, you ask? It’s Alexis Saski–she’s helped more than 1,500 passengers share the ride since she began driving for Lyft, a flexible gig that allows her time to pursue her passion of singing and performing all around Nashville.

While you’re here, check out more great stuff on the Eriesense blog, like these 7 tried-and-true tips for keeping your New Year’s resolution and this video ridealong with one of the first ridesharing drivers to hit the road in Fort Wayne, Ind.

From all of us at Erie Insurance: Have a safe, happy and rockin’ 2017.


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On January 4, 2017

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