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Sorry, all 1,000 rides have been claimed for New Year's Eve. Check out these other special offers from Lyft.

Lyft - Claim Ride Credit
New Users: Get up to $20 in free ride credit

Lyft - Claim Ride Discount
Existing Users: Get 10% off your New Year's Eve ride.

Erie Insurance, Lyft and Nashville artists LOCASH are helping partiers in Nashville get home safely this New Year's Eve.
Claim your free Lyft ride (up to $10), share a safe ride, and be ready to rock 2017 the best way possible - safe and sound.

Take a #SafeRidesRock selfie!

We're glad to help you get home safe this New Year's Eve. When you're in your Lyft car, snap a selfie and share it with us.

Join our Facebook event so you don’t miss out. No matter where you’re ringing in 2017, do the right thing this New Year’s Eve and don’t get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. Read and share these tips for finding a designated driver. From all of us at Erie Insurance: Have a safe and happy New Year!

* Free ride up to $10 max. Limited time offer in Nashville, while supplies last. Terms apply.

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